ANOTHER FORM OF VIRTUAL REALITY Take just a minute or two to do something different: Look at the above image of the woodland waterfall. Imagine yourself standing or sitting on the nearest point in the picture. Let go and permit yourself to “walk into” the beautiful scene. What do you hear? Water falling? Birds inContinue reading “FINDING PEACE”


Here we are in the first week of March- another new beginning. Life, it seems, is an unbroken series of beginnings and endings! In fact, it is the fabric into which Time is woven. A breath begins- inhale. A breath ends- exhale. An hour begins, and minutes move around the clock face until the hourContinue reading “BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS”


Often, by nightfall, I am weary, yet the issues and encounters of the day linger on my mind- threatening to disrupt my coming sleep. It is then that I go outside- winter or summer- and stand still beneath a night sky. When I look up, reality washes over me and brings the details of theContinue reading “KNOWING MY PLACE”


Here in the eastern U.S.A., January has been a brutal month. The final days are forecast to be the same, with deep cold, cutting winds and school- closing snow. These conditions lead to confinement for many. Those who must venture out often face the stress of first shoveling their way out from house to car,Continue reading “WOULD YOU RATHER…?”


November has come wearing a cold, sunny smile. This month has serious work to do. It is November that must make us face the truth of winter’s approach. While today, trees are still blaze with bright red and amber leaves, it is the duty of November to extinguish their flames. It is the duty ofContinue reading “TRUTH SETS IN”


Have you ever counted the number of appliances and tech tools in your house- the things that must be plugged in to an electrical outlet in order to run? If you do, you will be amazed. From our front door bell to our cell phone; from our garbage disposal to our electric blanket, the articlesContinue reading “PLUGGING IN”


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