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Often, by nightfall, I am weary, yet the issues and encounters of the day linger on my mind- threatening to disrupt my coming sleep. It is then that I go outside- winter or summer- and stand still beneath a night sky. When I look up, reality washes over me and brings the details of the day into perspective. When I look up, into the sea of stars so far away and yet so real, my truth becomes clear. All that seems to overwhelm me is in fact no more than a tiny grain of reality. The largeness of the night sky makes my burdens easier to bear and a sense of renewal come to my soul. ‘Imagine‘ I think. ‘I am a part of this.

Tonight, go out and look in awe at that truth twinkling overhead! That is the same sky that bathed the nights of ancient humans long before you and I came to be. Those stars have covered the sky for great saints and dreadful sinners, those who did much and those who did little during their time on earth. Look up at the miracle– the miracle of living and breathing- the miracle of knowing that we are a part of something as amazing as “life”. Grow both humble and confident as you are strengthened by the beckoning night. Know that you have a special place, uniquely your own, beneath the stars.

Be still and be at peace.

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