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Here we are in the first week of March- another new beginning. Life, it seems, is an unbroken series of beginnings and endings! In fact, it is the fabric into which Time is woven. A breath begins- inhale. A breath ends- exhale. An hour begins, and minutes move around the clock face until the hour ends. ..and another begins- without a pause or moment of uncertainty. Sun rises to begin the day, then sets as it comes to an end. On and on the beginnings and endings go… predictable, reliable beginnings and endings.

Some beginnings and endings are not as easy to accept as others. The death of one we care for, end of a marriage or friendship, loss of physical strength, loss of employment, etc. These endings can be painful and may feel unjust. They are hard to take when they hurt us, and we aren’t sure how we can get through. Yet, they too, are a part of this fabric of Time. They are endings always followed by new beginnings.

Sometimes, we are surprised by what awaits us on the other side. We can’t imagine something good coming after our grief or challenge.

A dear friend recently lost her job when a series of misfortunes sent the once thriving company where she was employed into a state of collapse. It was a shocking, painful end to a respected business and a long- loved career. The ending of what she knew felt dark and uncertain. My friend was not sure which way to turn. She did not realize then, that she was already heading toward a new beginning at another firm where her skills would be appreciated and she would know satisfying, secure work.

We see the upheaval and suppression taking place in Ukraine. This week saw the aggressive beginning of, what could be, a tragic time of suffering for the people of that country. They will need courage, strength and faith to get through. The outcome is not yet clear, yet, this is true: an end will come to the struggle. At a point we may not be able to see right now, a new beginning will take place. And with that inevitable new beginning, will come the potential for rebuilding lives and moving forward.

Nothing lasts forever. Not the bad or the good. Not suffering and loss or joy and laughter. Hanging on to this truth is the basis of Hope, and Hope is what gets us through the days of our lives.

Are you facing a problem that seems to have no solution? Know that just as it had a beginning, it is also guaranteed to have an ending. In the meantime, be strong. Do not give up. You are part of the fabric of Time. The Time made up of beginnings and endings.

“Sometimes painful endings bring the best new beginnings.”

Shae Ross

“So let us never give up, but in our thoughts, knit the beginning, progress and end together…” Richard Sibbes

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