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November has come wearing a cold, sunny smile. This month has serious work to do. It is November that must make us face the truth of winter’s approach. While today, trees are still blaze with bright red and amber leaves, it is the duty of November to extinguish their flames. It is the duty of November to wash and sweep away the remnants of autumn and make way for the deep sleep of winter. This is not a bad thing. It is a part of the natural order of the seasons.

The first frost came in the wee hours of the night. We awoke to a faint layer of ice on all things exposed. We had been forewarned by the weatherman, prompting me to cover plants still blooming in containers, with newspaper, just as generations of gardeners before me had done. Most plants cannot hold up against freezing. Once the temperature drops below thirty- two degrees, most plants simply fall into a deep sleep under the cold spell of Jack Frost. Perennial plants will awaken next spring, but annuals have given their all in just one season.

In our area of the country, we have been fortunate not to have suffered much from the climate change. There are years of hot summers and others of deep cold winters, the cycles still coming in predictable ways. I sympathize with those in areas where the changes have been profound. It is not easy to have the dependable qualities of the seasons disturbed. Of course, mankind must do its part to make our presence on this earth a positive thing- giving back and taking care of what we have been given to use during our short time on the planet. Yet, worry and urgency will not help the planet or our peace of mind. You and I can do only one person’s worth toward any cause. It is not our task to change everything. We can vow to be careful instead of careless about burning fuel or throwing away plastic or… well, you consider your own ways to be considerate…but don’t be overwhelmed by the gloom and doom speakers you hear. If you carry the worries of the world on your shoulders, it will not solve the problems! It will only take away from the joy you should have in being alive.

Yes, changes will come, but we are a species that adapts to change. November is the month of seasonal change and adjustment to the new. Vow to meet change in all things with an attitude of hope and acceptance. Vow to do your “one- person- best” and relax into each day as it comes.

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