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Have you ever counted the number of appliances and tech tools in your house- the things that must be plugged in to an electrical outlet in order to run? If you do, you will be amazed. From our front door bell to our cell phone; from our garbage disposal to our electric blanket, the articles we depend upon in our modern world, require a source of energy.

Our physical selves are also dependent upon the electrical messages running through them. Our hearts are directed, by electrical impulses, to beat; our eyes to see, legs to walk, hands to grasp etc. – all thanks to electrical messages sent from the brain. Our wiring is even more complex than a computer’s operating system! Like our computers, without these electrical connections we could not function.

Often, we take better care of our devices than we do our bodies. When we see them running low of energy, we dutifully plug them in and give them time to charge. Not always so with our own body and spirit. We push and push, go past the warning signs of fatigue and then feel shocked when illness hits, we trip and fall, our brain gets foggy or we collapse in exhaustion.

Like our electronics we are not created to keep going without a regular charge. Our energy runs down, just like that of our cell phone, and we need to stop, not once our energy has run out, but regularly, and plug in to a source of restoration. What do we do with our phones when they run low of energy? We lay them down and plug them in!

Our lives return to their most vital and capable state when plugged into something greater than ourselves. We require a regular positive charge. We must pull away from the draining demands and negative influences of our world long enough to rest and restore.

Regular activities such as walking in a park or woods, doing relaxing exercise like yoga or tai chi, sitting on a park bench watching the world go by or beginning the day with a quiet time of prayer or meditation have the ability to recharge us- to make us stronger and ready to move forward. What will you do to recharge before your energy runs down?

As the old soldier once said, “Retreat to go forward.”

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