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An autumn gold hue mingles with green in the tree leaves, and rich yellow and wine colored mums have taken the place of petunia pink and white. We haven’t yet had our first frost here in the Mid Ohio River Valley, so can’t call the current warm spell an official “Indian Summer”. That honored title is given to the string of warm days following the first frost. Lately, mornings have brought a cool, moist touch to everything from flower petals to windshields – all laden with heavy dew. As the sun rises, a familiar warmth takes hold- reminding us of summer past, yet telling us at some unspoken level, that this warmth is different. This warmth won’t overdo it like what came before. We can savor the warmth of these days knowing cold is inevitably on the way. Our hemisphere is tilting away from the sun, predictably cooling us and moving us toward winter.

We hear a great deal about the warming of the globe. It causes many caring people great concern and yet, you and I cannot change it or keep it from happening on our own. Each individual can only do the part of one person to change anything. You and I can cut down on our use of things that heat up our little patch of earth. We can plant a tree or two. We can plant flowers and avoid laying pavement over areas that need to breath and grow. We can recycle, Yes, we can do all kinds of little things to help create balance. As each one does one person’s part, change for the good comes about. It will do us no good to worry about the bigger picture.

We don’t want to go through our lives anxious and fearful of any outcome. Just as there are changes in the seasons that we adapt to and accept, we can be sure that we have within us the ability to adapt to and get through anything that comes our way. Anything! We may not always like what comes, but it must never have the power to take away our enjoyment of living our precious days on earth- one day at a time.

In this new site, I hope to take the reader away from the anxiety provoking aspects of life and give “sanctuary” to your spirit. With each little writing, I will offer a view of life that is not grim and frightening. I will ask you to see with me, the good and awesome, the beautiful and peaceful; the hopeful and true.



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